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Drive Sales and Build authority on linkedin

Unlock a new channel to drive new opportunities and nurture existing ones.
We build thought leadership for you, and perform hyper-targeted outreach and engagement to drive 70% more opportunities to your door.

Get in front of 100s of millions of prospects

Why should you care?

Let's face it. If you're doing sales a B2B company in 2024, you might experience this as well.
Sales Cycles are longer than ever
Premium Perception is Key

Agencies proliferate with AI and global talent, making premium service differentiation more crucial than ever.

Outbound Emails and Ads are harder

Emails, Ads, and referrals are great. But amid rising competition and CPMs, optimizing every lead to secure deals is vital.

Talent Attraction is tough and competitive

Securing talented individuals is pivotal for an agency's success, yet attracting the right talent, particularly from Gen Z, is increasingly challenging

B2B Decision Makers are more likely to trust industry leaders

With a sea of competitors vying for the same clients as yours, how do you ensure you are perceived as the ONE?

The Challenge

Email is just not enugh anymore.

B2B sales are complex, and a cross-channel approach is not an option anymore.‍

Over the past three years, we’ve driven multiple seven-figure sales by leveraging LinkedIn Outreach&Engagement and authority-building content strategies.

Now, we’re here to help you achieve the same success, seamlessly and efficiently.


Your In-House Growth Team

Building a personal brand and driving sales require a strategic approach, and many get it wrong:

Content that doesn't explicitly talks to the client's pains and desires
No high-volume, non intrusive engagement strategy
No cross-channel outbound cadence

We make it easy, effective, and scalable with our full-stack approach.

Done-For-You: Comprehensive management of your LinkedIn presence
With your tone of voice Tailored content that reflects your unique voice
Made to drive business results: up to 100 daily touchpoints and outreaches to engage your prospects and drive leads.
Unique Value
See what
we can do
Let the results speak for us.

We Are Your Full Stack Demand Generation Team

Value-First Content

We break down your service, along with your ideal client's pain points and desires, to create highly valuable content that they will want to save.

New Channel, New

On average, a decision maker takes between 9 to 15 touchpoints before making a buying decision.
At least 3 of them are performed on LinkedIn. We make sure you build rock-solid authority onthis channel.

Targeted Outbound DMs

Hit the right people with the right message, without sound salesy. 
Send on autopilot valuable resources to:
- people in your existing pipeline
- Attendees of relevant events
- Engagers with posts that are relevant for your offer
- New connections within your ICP

High-Volume Engagement

We manually perform 100-150 interactions per day with your prospects, pipeline, or selected creators to ensure you remain top of mind at all times.

Our Process

Your Story, Your Voice.
Our Distribution...

Your stories, lessons, & insights captured through interviews & curated  content that begin to shape your narrative.

Content is transformed into compelling copy, visuals, and videos that reflect your unique voice and tone.

We put in place a 100% manual and compliant outreach and engagement routine on your LinkedIn profile.

Our Process

... And our commitment to keeping you top of mind

Why do we do that?


We believe in a world where agencies thrive not just by existing, but through fostering meaningful, value-driven connections between their founders, teams, and their audience.

In today's information-saturated world, where content is abundant and attention is scarce, the challenge is real.

The ease of creating content through social media platforms and AI has led to a surge of mediocre content.

It grabs attention momentarily but often leaves the audience feeling empty.

In this environment, establishing trust is tougher than ever, and that's why strong personal brands are becoming increasingly essential.

We believe every professional, business owner, and operator has a compelling story and a unique perspective to share.

However, most remain unheard due to time constraints, lack of focus, or shyness.

Our mission is to bridge this gap.

We empower these experts to build meaningful, scalable relationships through authentic, high-quality storytelling.

We're here to usher in a new era of people-powered brands, creating content that's not just for people, but by people.

Your Stories, Your Voice.


Our awesome team

Andrea Tonetti
Founder // CEO
Alessio Aresu
Operations & Strategy
Florencia Da Sylvas
Creative Director
Ilayda Aydemir
Partnership Manager
Nadine Pillay
Content Strategist
You Can Be Here!

What people say about us

Rated 4.9 by +80 clients

"Before starting with Voxen, I was skeptical about LinkedIn content as a viable acquisition channel.

Now, I understand now that it is a game of persistence and volume and really nailing the voice of your ideal audience."

Roger | Business Owner

"It's the small, secret things that let you build trust and connect and help people. And the guys at Voxen know them very well.

They apply a framework and execute on very, very clear, very specific things to go after to build your agency in a more successful way.."

Kim | Partnership Manager

"We do AI assisted SEO for brands all the way from a seven figure e-commerce brand all the way to the Expedias and the Linkedins of the world.

Since partering up with Voxen, LinkedIn has become a lead gen source for us, which is awesome. It was nothing before.

Loren | B2B Sales Executive

"Voxen made so easy for me to build an online presence. They came up with many interesting topics I was simply too lazy to write about!"

Sebastian | Photographer

"Great team and cooperation. It's so good to have someone who can write for me without compromising on the tone of voice."

Matt | Store Manager

"Last month my views skyrocketed, and I didn't even need to lift a finger!"

Rick | Entrepreneur

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Q: Who can benefit from this service?

Our partners are founders that are involved in sales / business development activities, as well as VP Sales, AEs, SDRs and Sales managers who need to unlock a new growth channel without the burden of managing it every day.

Q: How is the content you create different from mine?

Our content creation process is meticulously designed to address the specific pain points of your customers directly. We start by thoroughly understanding the services your business provides, along with identifying your ideal client profile, including their pain points, needs, and desires. With this information, we craft editorial calendars and content ideas that draw upon your unique experiences, case studies, and service features. The goal is to evoke a particular emotion in your ideal clients with each single content, ensuring that it resonates deeply with them and stands out.

Q: How can you ensure that the posts you write will resonate with my brand and target audience?

We begin by thoroughly understanding your personal brand’s ethos, values, and target demographic. We will spend the first days carefully interviewing you to understand clearly what tone of voice, content type and style of writing is more suitable to you. We will keep these elements at the forefront, ensuring that the message is not only compelling but also aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Q: How involved do I need to be?

Minimal. The majority of the tasks are done on autopilot, after we complete the setup period (lasting 7-10 days). You’re only required to commit about 1 hour per month for the video interview call.

Q: What is the Video Interview Call about?

It’s an opportunity for our content strategist to dive into your story, vision, and objectives. The recorded interview is then transformed into engaging short content pieces for LinkedIn.

Q: How does the engagement activity look like?

To ensure that your presence is felt in a non-intrusive yet effective manner by your ideal clients, our engagement strategy is all about visibility without the annoyance.
We manually engage with your prospects in what we call "light mode" to guarantee that your name and face become familiar to them.
This includes liking their posts, commenting thoughtfully on their content, following their profiles, and sending new connection requests.
These actions are designed to communicate your interest in their content and profile, laying the groundwork for a positive and organic relationship. Our goal is to make these prospects feel noticed and valued, fostering a connection that feels genuine and meaningful.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There are no long-term contracts, ensuring flexibility for our clients.

Q: Do you use AI to write your copies?

Short answer is No. All the copies that we create are tailored to your specific situation, and we craft the majority of the text manually.
We only AI to proofread and refine the text before it gets published.

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